Future-Proofing Your Home: 5 Building Choices That Enhance Resale Value and Appreciation

While many people build homes for their own families to enjoy, there’s always a possibility that other families will enjoy them afterwards. As a result, it never hurts to explore building options that benefit you and would be desirable for others when the time comes to sell in the future.

You can’t be sure that your tastes will align with others. However, you typically can’t go wrong with these building choices to enhance resale value and appreciation: 

Using Reputable Builders

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Whether you’re using Torquay builders in Australia or Michigan builders in America, reputation counts for a lot. Choose a well-established building company with a reputation for high-quality builds using superior building materials. 

When the time comes to sell in the future, you can share the builder’s name and tell prospective purchasers it was built to the highest of standards. Fortunately, finding a reputable builder is typically straightforward. You can type your needs and location into a search engine. Once building companies appear in the results, you can make a choice based on reviews and services. 

Building in a Desirable Location

Enhance Resale Value and Appreciation of your home

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You can never predict when certain suburbs and neighborhoods will be desirable. However, location is undoubtedly a standout factor in resale value. It often pays to build near everyday amenities, good schools, and public transport. It can also be worth researching crime rates and learning if developments may positively or negatively affect its value. 

Most buyers consider both a house and its location before deciding to buy it. If you build your home in a desirable suburb or neighborhood, you may enjoy an easier sale process in the future. 

Incorporating Energy-Efficient Features

Enhance Resale Value and Appreciation of your home

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Energy-efficient features in a home can sometimes cost more than standard materials. However, they are generally worth it. A 2020 study found buyers are willing to pay more for an efficient home. 

Alongside potentially achieving a higher sales price in the future, you can also save money during your years of ownership. Homes with energy-efficient materials, appliances, heating, and lighting generally have lower energy costs. 

Including Plenty of Storage Space

Enhance Resale Value and Appreciation of your home

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A lack of storage space can be frustrating for many homeowners. The less storage space a house has, the more cluttered the living spaces can be. When you’re building your home from the ground up, you’re in a great position to include an array of storage options. These can be convenient for your family and others in the future. 

Consider plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen for pantry goods and bulky kitchen appliances. Built-in shelving in living areas and large wardrobes in bedrooms are also excellent options. Garage storage systems can also be desirable for seasonal goods, hobbies, and gardening equipment. The larger your home is, the more storage solutions you can explore. 

Staying Away from Fads and Trends

Enhance Resale Value and Appreciation of your home

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It can be tempting to design a home with inspiration from fad trends in magazines. However,  it pays to tread carefully. Some design elements can be on-trend now but will fall out of favor within a few short years.

Consider steering away from brightly-colored walls and weird and wonderful textures and features. Instead, opt for a more muted finish with neutral hues and traditional features. You can then inject color and character through accessories and decor. These can be easier to update as the years pass. 

You might be building a house for your own enjoyment, but don’t forget about the enjoyment of future buyers. By using reputable builders, factoring in energy efficiency, and staying away from trends, you may create a standout home with excellent resale value and appreciation potential.