Nine Best Remodeling Projects That Cost Less Than $500

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to freshen up your spaces without spending a ton of money? While a full remodel might be out of reach, taking small steps toward improving your rooms can make a big difference. Consider trying one of these easy and affordable projects that you can give your home a new look without breaking the bank:

Facelift Your Trim

The trim in your house can quickly get stained, dinged, and begin looking worn. One great way to refresh any room is to repaint the trim. This can include the trim around the windows, the doors, and the baseboard. By repainting your trim, you can cover up any dings or stains and the room will look brighter and newer. 

Try New flooring


One great way to freshen up your room is by getting new flooring. While this might seem like an expensive process, it can be remarkably low-cost if you are only doing one room or area, and if you choose the right materials. For example, carpet and LVP planks are both economical yet durable options for flooring. If you are handy, you can likely learn to lay LVP flooring yourself, and many box stores will install carpets for free if you purchase through them. You can also lay some kinds of flooring over ceramic tile, which can save a lot of time and money over demoing your old flooring. 

Refresh the Kitchen Cabinets

Updating your kitchen cabinets can be one of the best ways to refresh and renew the look of your entire kitchen. But new cabinets are pricy! Instead of installing a new kitchen, consider refreshing your cabinets which can be much less expensive. There are several different ways to change the look of your kitchen cabinets, including refacing them, painting them, and refinishing them.  

Each option has pros and cons. Refacing cabinets by adding new doors is the most expensive option but it can also be a very quick process compared with painting or refinishing.  On the other hand, painting and refinishing can be very inexpensive if you do it yourself, but the process can take a long time and require you to learn new skills. If you are paying someone to refinish your cabinets, it can end up being more expensive because it takes so long, but is still likely affordable. 

Upcycle Your Own Furniture

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If you are feeling crafty or have a few basic skills like sanding and painting, you can upcycle your old furniture for a new look. You can easily learn how to sand, refinish, and paint your furniture by reading tutorials or watching online videos. With more practice, you could even learn to reupholster your furniture, although this is much more expensive than painting. By refinishing tables and chairs, bookshelves, and headboards, you can give a whole new feel to your rooms without purchasing expensive new furniture. 

Repaint Your Walls

Painting a room can be the easiest and cheapest way to get a brand-new look. While it can take some prep time to get all your furniture moved, mask the area, and cover your flooring, it can still be much cheaper and faster than other renovation projects, while also making one of the biggest impacts on the overall feel of the room. If you aren’t comfortable tackling this skill or don’t have time for a painting project, you can hire someone and it will still be affordable. 

Switch Out Your Window Treatments

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If you want an easy project that will freshen up your room but you don’t want to do any real construction work, consider changing out your window treatments. It’s easy to get so used to our curtains or shades that we don’t even notice how dated or faded they’ve become. Switching them out can be one of the easiest home improvement projects and, while it’s not the cheapest, it’s usually affordable to do one room at a time. 

Replace Light Fixtures and Change Out Switch Plates

If you have handyman skills, consider changing out your light fixtures to provide a quick update. Light fixtures can easily become dated without us noticing them because they are such a regular part of our lives. Changing them is relatively easy if you have basic electrical skills, or you can hire a handyman to switch them out for you affordably. You can also change your switch plates and outlet plates if they look worn, cracked, or dated. 

Change Out Your Hardware

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source: The Spruce

Changing out your hardware isn’t the cheapest item on this list, but it might be the easiest. Changing your drawer pulls and door knobs can brighten up your kitchen or bathroom in just a few minutes. Using more modern knobs and pulls can instantly make the whole room look less dated. 

You can also change out hardware in other rooms, especially the door knobs on bedroom and living room doors


No matter what renovation project you choose or what room you are updating, there are affordable options for every skill level that will brighten up and modernize the space. Before you begin a project, make sure you research everything involved so you will be able to accurately estimate the cost and evaluate the skills you need to learn. If needed, consult with an expert or hire someone for the job if you are unsure of your abilities.