Tips for Managing a Project With Your General Contractor

You spend countless hours on social media gathering inspiration for your home renovation project. Then your research sessions take a turn and you find yourself watching DIY renovation videos (in between cat videos, of course!). You’re opening tabs looking at all sorts of equipment and the dream of doing everything yourself seems achievable. Then you wake up one day and realize how silly this idea is. What people often don’t tell you on these DIY renovation YouTube videos is 1) they probably have some contracting experience and 2) there’s no shame in working with pros.

Don’t think that working with a general contractor in Scottsdale, AZ means losing control of the project. You’ll find some tips for managing a project with a general contractor successfully below.

Communication is Key:


You can’t thrive in any relationship without communication and the same is true here. Ensure that you and your partner are on the same page, so you can openly chat about any hiccups or alterations that might pop up during the project. Keep those lines of communication open, folks.

Set Realistic Deadlines:

While it may be tempting to rush for a speedy project completion, remember to set deadlines with your general contractor that are as real as anything. You might want to get into your new renovated home quickly (trust us, we understand!) but rushing will only cause expensive issues later.

Be Open to Compromise:

Managing a Project With Your General Contractor


These stars have seen it all before so know what is possible and…more importantly, what isn’t. Your general contractor might just have a few tricks up their sleeve that you haven’t even considered. So, keep those ears open and give their suggestions a whirl. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Stay Organized:

Managing all the nitty-gritty details of your home renovation project can feel like juggling a dozen monkeys on a tightrope. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your sanity intact by creating a project timeline, setting reminders for crucial deadlines, and keeping all your important documents in one cozy nest. Let’s conquer this renovation adventure with style.

Take Breaks:

Managing a Project With Your General Contractor


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Renovating can be as demanding as a marathon, so remember to take breaks like a pro and recharge those batteries. Don’t forget you along the way. You’re desperate for everything to go smoothly and to show off your home to friends. We know, but you don’t want to burn out or for the project to become the bane of your life.

Trust Your Contractor:

You hired your general contractor for a reason – their expertise and experience in renovation projects. So sit back, relax, and let the pros work their magic. Trust us, they’ve got your back. You did hours and hours of research online and spoke to a few different companies, so don’t let this effort go to waste.

Budget Wisely:

Managing a Project With Your General Contractor


You completed the project (yay!) but you went 40% over budget (boo!). Clear communication is the secret to keep surprises and misunderstandings at bay during a project. Don’t forget to stash a little cash for unexpected expenses and always have a contingency plan ready for those “just in case” moments. Stay prepared, friend.

We wish you tons of luck – go breathe new life into your home this year!