What to Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking

Roof leaks may happen at any time. Aging shingles and several other factors can cause leaks to your roof. Minor leaks will become bigger if you overlook the problem. But, what will you do when you suddenly experience major roof leaks? The best roofers provide emergency roof repair services in Arizona. However, before the arrival of roofers, you should take some steps.

Cover Or Remove The Household Items

If there are roof leaks, your attics and ceilings may get damaged. Besides, your household appliances and personal belongings will become wet. For instance, the rainwater may make your furniture, bed, and clothing wet. So, you have to move these items into the safer zone. You can also cover your carpet flooring and furniture pieces. Fabrics will absorb water and produce a mildew smell.

Collect The Leaking Water

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Use your garbage cans or buckets to hold the water leaking from your roof. It will help you avoid the effect of water damage. By catching the water, you can prevent it from flowing to other parts of the house. Experts in roofing in Phoenix, Arizona will inspect the roof structure, identify the source of leaks, and repair it.  

Consider Roof Tarping As The Temporary Solution

A tarp is the best option if you cannot fix your leaking roof within a short time. Make sure your roof is safely accessible. Use a tarp to cover the problem part. However, in some cases, it is challenging to find the leaks in your roof.

The thickness of the tarp must be at least 6 mm, and it should cover about 4 feet. After tucking the tarp under your roof shingles, you can use nails to hold it firmly. But, as it does not give you a permanent solution, you must call roofers. 

Relieve The Pressure


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Sometimes, the leaking water just visually spreads on the ceiling. In this case, you have to make a small hole in your ceiling to let the water drain easily. Accumulated water may cause a collapse of your ceiling. That is why you can avoid more complications by poking a hole in the ceiling.

Snap Photos Of Roof Damages

Documenting the roof damages is another important step if you want to file a home insurance claim. You may need to show those photos as a reference in case your insurance plan covers the roof repair costs. It is also essential to capture photos if the leak has damaged your furniture, TV, and other household items.

Call Your Roofing Professionals


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Once you have noticed roof leaks, you can consult your roofing specialists. Without their professional help, you may not identify every leak source. Repairing a leaked roof needs skill and expertise. That is why you can look for qualified roofers to deal with the roofing issues.

Well-trained roofers know the right techniques for repairing every type of roof. But, before they arrive at your house, you should take the basic steps to prevent further water damage issues with your property.